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Clinic run by Loic Virique and his crew from the local Kayak School “Vague a Bond” situated on the Durance River Bank. Get an introduction to freeriding the river and solidify your creeking skills. Open to boaters with solid rolls who are comfortable on class 3/4 and more. The clinic is taking on the Fournel near L’Argentière on the Pays des Écrins territory.

Age: From 14 years old with parental permission.
Duration: Half-day Saturday.

Price: 25 € online/ 30 €  on site

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Whether it is your first safety clinic, or you want to refresh your skills, there is never a wrong time to practice safety skills! Topics include exiting a sticky stopper, to rope work, Z-drags, and building a river safety kit. Run by Loic Virique and his crew from the local Kayak School “Vague a Bond” situated on the Durance riverbank. The clinic is taking on the L’Argentière whitewater Park, or a river nearby on the Pays des Écrins territory.

Age: From 14 years old and older with parental permission.
Duration: Half-day Saturday.

Price: 25 €  online/ 30 €  on-site

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Introduction to Whitewater SUP

You are a SUP paddler, but have never tried whitewater? This clinic is for you! Nico Fayol will introduce you to river SUP technique and whitewater hazards. By the end of the day, you will be running whitewater and be ready for Sunday’s “Grande Descente!”.
Two levels: Total beginner (no whitewater experience), Intermediate (you have whitewater knowledge but need to learn the SUP river technique).
If you have no sup experience, and no whitewater knowledge, this clinic is not for you.
NB, You can run a beginner clinic on Friday and a intermediate on Saturday.

Duration: ½ Day Saturday + support during the “Grande Descente” on Sunday.

Option: Rent a board and gear. Contact us

Price: 25 € online/ 30 €   on site

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Open Canoe

The latest generation of Open Canoes offers a fantastic way to play and enjoy the river. Come and (re)discover the joy of paddling with a canoe on whitewater. River location will be selected according to group levels.

Clinic managed by certified instructors

Gear no provided, but can be rented. (some demo boats available, ask us first)

Duration: Half day Saturday during the Canoe Rally on the Bas Guil.

25 € online/ 30 € on site

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Ladies Specific Clinics

Clinics for girls, by girls. For the ladies who want to meet up with other ladies, learn new skills in a fun, friendly, supportive environment, or get some girl time out on the water. The clinic will focus on creeking and river running on class 3/4. Topics include technics, gear, and safety.

Duration: Half-day Saturday

25 € online/ 30 € on site

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Whitewater Discovery

NOMAD rafting, along with their network of independent local raft guides, offer introductory whitewater descents for newcomers. Available crafts include, inflatable kayaks, rafts ! The Whitewater Discovery is a great opportunity for paddlers to share their passion with friends and family. If you are visiting the area, it is a great way to enjoy the river and take part in the festival atmosphere. You will paddle with the rest of the festival paddlers down the Durance from St Clément all the way to Embrun.

* All gear included in the price! (Boats, boards, wetsuits, helmets, neoprene shoes, paddles!)

Age: From 14 years old, 10 years old for rafts. Parental permission is mandatory.
Duration:  Full day Sunday. Meeting at 9am at the New Rabioux Campsite in Chateauroux les Alpes

Price, Full day:  30 € Grande Descente Guided. (include a BBQ sandwich)

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